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Rapid Defrost Tray
Rapid Defrost Tray
Rapid Defrost Tray
Rapid Defrost Tray - shopnormad

Rapid Defrost Tray

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Have you ever meant to defrost something to cook, only to remember you didn’t take it out?

The Normad™ Rapid Thaw Tray lets you thaw your frozen meat, or food quickly and naturally.

Microwaves are not ideal for defrosting frozen meat because some areas of the food can become warm and start to cook, so you run the risk of overcooking part of the meat

Instead, just place on Normad™ Rapid Defrost Tray and watch the magic happen.

This super defrosting tray is made out of high-quality thermal conductive material to speed up thawing process dramatically.


Rapid Thaw defrosting tray is Aero-Aluminum with enamel coating, which is food grade material with FDA standard.

Why Rapid Defrost Tray?
✔️Defrosts frozen food in minutes - even when frozen rock solid
✔️Easy to clean and dishwasher safe
✔️No need to use microwave, electricity, chemicals or hot water
✔️Save time for cooking

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