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ShopNormad™ Garlic Press - shopnormad
ShopNormad™ Garlic Press - shopnormad
ShopNormad™ Garlic Press - shopnormad

ShopNormad™ Garlic Press

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Freshly minced garlic in seconds with ShopNormad™ Garlic Press!🧄

Why need the garlic press? Simple. Pressed garlic adds more intensity to the meal. It’s easy, it’s safe, it’s odorless (it keeps you from getting pungent hands) and it’s fast, especially when you need to peel more than just a clove of garlic!

Our Stainless Steel Garlic Press is the perfect tool for mincing garlic, for incredible flavor in every dish you prepare!


  • What is the Garlic Press made of?
  • It is part stainless steel and part ABS plastic material. The stainless steel is for the hole blades that will mince the garlic and the plastic ABS material is for the handle for more convenient and safer use. 

  • Is it intentionally shaped round or are there other design varieties?
  • It is actually designed in a round arc shape to easily roll it onto the garlic and more efficiently press.

  • Is it dishwasher safe?
  • Yes, certainly. And it’s easy to clean too! You don’t have to worry about stuck pieces because you can easily wash it off under flowing water.

  • Does it mince garlic in tiny pieces or are they still large enough like that of the small cubes you get with a knife?
  • Yes, it presses garlic in tiny pieces in a way that it’s pulverized or very tiny to have the pasty texture but definitely smaller than a regularly chopped by knife garlic.

  • Can you use it in unpeeled garlic?
  • Of course. This actually makes peeling much faster and easier because as we all know, separating the skin and clove is done easier by pressing. As for the mincing, yes, it can mince garlic despite the peel still being present when you press it in this product.

  • What is its size?
  • 4 inches in width (with steel as the base) and 3 inches in height (from steel to handle); 4, 21x2, 72x2, 01 inches

    Package Includes:
    *1 garlic press

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